Minutes of meeting with Respected GM(Admin) at Circle office, O/o CGMT Ahmedabad.

Under the guidance of circle secretary SNATTA Shri Maharshi Brahmbhatt, a deligation of circle body consists of Shri Ashish Tiwari, Shri Vivek Singh and Shri Jaydeep attended the meeting with res. G M Admin madam who accompanied with AGM admin.

Key points discussed on the meeting are as follows:-
1) Long pending inter circle transfer under rule-8 for which we put forth our representaion for early issuing of JE transfer list. We demanded clearance of whole transfer list as the Restructuring is being planned and after giving various section on contract will let some space for inter circle transfer. For this GM madam had assured us of taking progressive steps in this regards. She informed us that this matter is discussed at CGM level after consistent persuation of SNATTA. She assured us that positive steps are being considered for the matter in near future.
2) Then other matter which discussed was intra circle transfer. After consistent persuation SNATTA one list of intra circle transfer was released for which we expressed our gratitude to GM madam and we urged to clear rest of the matters as soon as possible. For this she told us that the intra-circle transfer work is also in pipeline and some SSA level issues are pertaining and after solving those issues more orders will be released.
3) Later we discussed about the the case Shri Chiranjeev Yadav who has become JTO and at 3rd place in inter circle transfer waitlist. For this she asked AGM admin to remove his name from the list and updated list will be uploaded soon.
4) Later tha matter of consent letter was discussed for which she again confirmed that consent letters have been sent to respective circles.

Meeting concluded on a positive note.

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